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What Experts are Saying About the Internet of Things – September 2015

This is the latest post in a blog series here at bbotx that highlights what happened in the Internet of Things world during the past month.

  • Is the IoT really good for the consumer? This article from the New York Times Sunday Review takes a look at products being sold to consumers as ‘smart,’ but begs the question: what products entering the market are truly disruptive?
  • When it comes to the deployment of IIoT solutions, many businesses realize that they lack the deep IoT domain knowledge necessary for success. This article from M2M Now outlines the major competencies needed to develop and deploy IIoT solutions.
  • It is becoming increasingly apparent that consumer IoT vendors are unable to produce products that provide true value to customers. This article from Forbes analyzes the hype around the consumer IoT, referring to it as the ‘Internet of Very Pointless Things.’
  • Many early adopters have only just scratched the surface when it comes to the benefits created by the Internet of Things. This article shared on Bulldog Reporter explains how the growing IoT industry can help change the business world.
  • bbotx Co-Founder and Lead Technologist Geoff Kratz recently had an article published on IoT Journal. The piece takes a look at what the weakest link may be for companies’ IoT security.

What other articles caught your interest about the IoT space this month? Let us know on twitter at @bbotx or in the comment section below.

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