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What Experts are Saying About the Internet of Things – November 2015

This is the latest post in a blog series here at bbotx that highlights what happened in the Internet of Things world during the past month.

  • “The Internet of Things stands as one of the largest economic opportunities in the world,” states this article from Venture Beat. The opportunity for IoT in industry will be in sophisticated, elegant systems that manage problems and processes.
  • This article from Automation World takes a look at the “how” of the IIoT, something that remains elusive for many manufacturers. In our opinion, the “why” of the IoT is not settled – at best there is a “why not?” seen as a money grab. Few organizations can actually say why the IoT is relevant to them.
  • Thanks to the combination of big data and the Internet of Things, manufacturers can now watch what happens inside the products they make after they leave the factory and, as pointed out in this article from Forbes, predict what happens next.
  • There are five IoT technology segments, as described in this article from IP-Watch. Companies must understand all five in order to be successful in the industry.

What other articles about the IoT space caught your interest this month? Let us know on twitter at @bbotx or in the comment section below.

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