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What Experts are Saying About the Internet of Things – July 2015

This is the latest post in a blog series here at bbotx that highlights what happened in the Internet of Things world during the past month.

  • The IoT has become one of the most hyped expressions across business and technology, and rightfully so, with the numbers to back it up. This article from Forbes describes the way the IoT will transform enterprises and facilitate new business models, improving efficiency and generating new forms of revenue.
  • Best estimates now say that there will be almost 50 billion connected devices by 2020. This article from the Huffington Post takes a look at how exactly the IoT is going to grow.
  • The latest revolution will be driven by the digital economy. As described in this article from Entrepreneur, exciting opportunities await those entrepreneurs who “plug in” to this new Industrial Revolution.
  • The industrial manufacturing sector is reporting the largest increase in revenue from IoT investment.  This article from Canadian reports on the three major challenges that remain in realizing the promise of IoT for businesses across all sectors.

What other articles caught your interest about the IoT space this month? Let us know on twitter at @bbotx or in the comment section below.

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