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What Experts are Saying About the Internet of Things – April 2016

This is the latest post in a monthly blog series here at bbotx that takes a look at what people in the IoT space are saying – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • The title of this recent Product Design & Development article is right – forget consumer IoT, the real promise is in the Industrial Internet of Things. However, the author doesn’t introduce anything we haven’t heard before. We already know that successful devices need to cooperate within networks or ecosystems to have an impact.
  • A sensible consideration of the probability and implications for software failures in the IIoT, but this article from IoT Journal doesn’t offer any real answers, which is perhaps not unreasonable as there really is no way software won’t make errors. One way, not considered by the author, is to avoid critical dependencies; don’t rely on IIoT software to do things that can cause catastrophic failure.
  • It’s not news that oil and gas companies are leveraging the IoT to unlock value. The report findings from Mint outlined in this recent article are so general that it’s hard to find anything important about the IoT capabilities of the future.
  • The IoT has many applications in logistics, but this article from Smart Data Collective does not provide much supporting detail aside from a summary of applications. Tracking, monitoring, and predictive analysis are great, but we’re interested examples of what has been accomplished.

What other articles about the IoT space caught your interest this month? Let us know on twitter at @bbotx or in the comment section below.

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