Starting Over (1)

Starting Over

Starting a new career is not a big thing with me. I have always felt that your “career” was what you saw in the rear view mirror. It amounts to making sense of what happened rather than a planned succession of incremental changes amounting to some form of advancement through life. Maybe that’s just me; I knew people in high school that I suspected had their summer job lined up by the end of September. Read more

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What Experts are Saying About the Internet of Things – November 2014

This is the latest post in a blog series here at bbotx that highlights what happened in the Internet of Things world during the past month.

  • This article from strategy+business posits that “The digital interconnection of billions of devices is today’s most dynamic business opportunity.” The article is also a ‘Strategist’s Guide to the Internet of Things’.
  • The evolution of the next generation mobile system will depend on the creativity of the users in designing new applications. This article from TechCocktail examines how the IoT is shaping our future.
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) may soon find its greatest challenge yet in the “Internet of Things.” The ‘things’ in the IoT need connectivity, and “For the FCC and the world’s communications regulators, this means freeing up more spectrum—and at a time when the airwaves are running out of free space.” Check out the full article on this issue here. (via Bloomberg BNA)
  • There have been high profile security failures, there has been much written about it, and security is a problem. Having said that, are security concerns really what is shaping behaviour in IoT adoption? Other experiences suggest otherwise. This post from our CEO Paul Hanson takes a look at the question “Is security the be-all end-all issue for the IoT?”

What other articles caught your interest about the IoT space this month? Let us know on twitter at @bbotx or in the comment section below. Read more