bWare and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, like most things that seem new and exciting, is really based on what has gone before, and it will be built incrementally. It is not, and it will not be, a revolution. What is SCADA if not the precursor to the IoT? The difference is that today we can find most of the infrastructure needed already created, and SCADA systems typically were built from scratch.

From the perspective of the designer considering how to add Internet enablement and reporting to a device that (today) is inanimate, most of what you need is there for free. The Internet is ubiquitous, and 3G/LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth® are pervasive. That smart phone in your pocket means you have a screen, keyboard, and network connection for just about any device that needs one. The question becomes, what do you need that is NOT there for you to use/repurpose, and how do you add it? Read more