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Starting Over

Starting a new career is not a big thing with me. I have always felt that your “career” was what you saw in the rear view mirror. It amounts to making sense of what happened rather than a planned succession of incremental changes amounting to some form of advancement through life. Maybe that’s just me; […]

Smart, or Merely Clever?

New York Times reporter Mike Isaac recently posted a Tweet that made me think about the question, are all these things really smart, or at best clever? “Smart” is an abused word, used by marketers to describe anything with a microprocessor. What do we mean when we say smart? Clearly the thing itself doesn’t possess […]

The Internet of Things, and How Good Are We at Predicting the Future?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is simply a trend to add information reporting and Internet connectivity to everyday objects. What we are seeing is the convergence of found technologies – smartphones, Bluetooth®, WiFi, the Internet, cheap and powerful microprocessors, open source operating systems like Linux and Android – and low cost rapid prototyping. This […]

What is the Internet of Things?

The unfortunately named “Internet of Things” has been much hyped in the past year.  What is it? The definition provided on Wikipedia is: The Internet of Things (IoT, also Cloud of Things or CoT) refers to the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing like devices within the existing Internet infrastructure.  This is still not that helpful. Last summer, Fast Company published a longish […]

Crowdfunding – What is it good at?

My background is creating financial markets – end-to-end markets for IPOs and secondary trading. It included emerging markets and senior markets, cash, debt, and derivatives. It has given me a perspective from which to understand the underlying proposition of any market: What is the nature of the offer? What is the contract? Who are the […]

Alibaba and Oculus – Our Failed Capital Market

Alibaba is in the news – running an IPO aimed at raising $21 billion. Oculus, the once darling of crowd funding fans, sold to Facebook for $2 billion after raising $2.4 million on Kickstarter. The Alibaba IPO won’t fund Alibaba’s growth or create employment, and the Oculus deal snuffed out an independent company and does […]

bWare and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, like most things that seem new and exciting, is really based on what has gone before, and it will be built incrementally. It is not, and it will not be, a revolution. What is SCADA if not the precursor to the IoT? The difference is that today we can find most of […]