IoT Day

What is the Internet of Things?

The unfortunately named “Internet of Things” has been much hyped in the past year.  What is it? The definition provided on Wikipedia is:

The Internet of Things (IoT, also Cloud of Things or CoT) refers to the interconnection of uniquely identifiable embedded computing like devices within the existing Internet infrastructure. 

This is still not that helpful. Last summer, Fast Company published a longish piece about GE and Jeffrey Immelt titled “BEHIND GE’S VISION FOR THE INDUSTRIAL INTERNET OF THINGS.” The subtitle, and the theme of the article, was “CEO Jeff Immelt is pushing to turn jet engines, locomotives, and other giant machines into data-spewing computers.”

We have a couple of obvious problems with the title and the general thrust of the article. The article was well written, and GE is a company with a tremendous record of technology development and innovation. Just because something has a computer in it doesn’t make it a computer. The term becomes meaningless if everything is included under the ‘Internet of Things’ umbrella. As today is ‘IoT Day’ we wanted to take a minute to discuss the IoT, its history, and where it is going. Read more