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The Internet of Things is becoming real, and all enterprises are going to have to deal with an increasingly connected world of people and distributed devices. With that comes the complexity and risk of people using public networks, ubiquitous mobile computing, and the proliferation of small, inexpensive connected devices. 

We make sure you can trust your devices and the information they provide.


Every connection is a risk.

The enterprise must closely manage and enforce the rights and permissions of every person and device on its network. Security and system integrity are the top priority for bbotx, from system design to daily use.


If it’s not simple, it won’t be used.

We make things obvious and natural, minimizing what you need to remember. We don’t believe intuitive is possible – but with determination, simplicity can be achieved. Security and simplicity go together.



If it’s not signal, it’s noise.

Numerous devices attached to the enterprise can overwhelm us with data and events. We want awareness without overload. We need to trust the information. bbotx connects data to context. Everything else is noise.

Connecting the Data

Our secure managed software platform for connecting the myriad of information reporting devices we are adding to our enterprises – the Industrial Internet of Things. bWare makes it easy manage these devices and the people who interact with them, but most important, it makes sense of the data they generate. bWare is a shared fabric, available to both different enterprises and vendors. To enterprises it offers a simple and secure way to make sense of the data coming off multiple devices from different manufacturers and vendors. To vendors it offers the software platform to easily and securely get their products on the Internet of Things.

bWare connects the data.

The Time Value of Knowing

At its simplest, bLock is a lock you open with a Bluetooth® connection. We offer bLock in different forms – as a standalone padlock or as an integrated locking device built into third party products.

The true value of bLock is the information it can convey. The common keyed lock is an inanimate piece of metal. The bLock is a state aware, bWare connected reporting device. It is the very embodiment of the Industrial Internet of Things. And naturally, it is very secure.